International conference
«Baikal Number Theory»

August 26-30, 2019
The island of Olkhon, Russia


  • Elena Bunkova, «Universal Formal Group for Elliptic Genus of Level N»    (PDF file)
  • Victor Bykovskii, Mariia Monina, «Asymptotic formula for the convolution function of the number of representations of natural numbers by the sum of two squares»    (PDF file)
  • Nikolay Dobrovolskii, «Dirichlet Series Algebra of the Monoid of Natural Numbers»    (PDF file)
  • Lenny Fukshansky, «Bounds on linear forms and integer sparse recovery»    (PDF file)
  • Oleg German, «Transference phenomenon in the weighted setting»    (PDF file)
  • Alexander Kalmynin, «Positivity of character sums»    (PDF file)
  • Gerhard Larcher, «On Pair Correlation of Sequences»    (PDF file)
  • Antoine Marnat, «Variational Principle in Parametric Geometry of Number»    (PDF file)
  • Oleg Musin, «Ramanujan theorem and the Riemann Hypothesis»    (PDF file)
  • Johannes Schleischitz, «Diophantine approximation in Cantor sets»    (PDF file)
  • Alisa Sedunova, «Intersections of the binary quadratic forms in primes and the paucity phenomenon»    (PDF file)
  • Iekata Shiokawa, «Irrationality exponents of certain alternating series»    (PDF file)
  • I.D. Shkredov, «Some progress in the problem of Zaremba»    (PDF file)
  • Leonhard Summerer, «The successive minima functions associated to simultaneous approximation of m linearly dependent reals»    (PDF file)
  • Robert Tichy, «Equidistribution, van der Corput sets and exponential sums»    (PDF file)
  • Alexey Ustinov, «The Distribution of Rational Points on the Unit Circle»    (PDF file)