International conference
«Baikal Number Theory»

August 26-30, 2019
The island of Olkhon, Russia


Aistleitner Christoph
TU Graz (Graz, Austria)

An Jinpeng
Peking University (Beijing, China)

Avdeeva Mariia
Institute of Applied Mathematics Khabarovsk Division (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Title of the talk:  The estimation of the dispersion for the length of continued fractions of rational numbers with prime numerators

Ballot Christian
Université de Caen Normandie (Caen, France)
Title of the talk:  On some generalized Catalan Numbers

Benzaoui Ilhem
USTHB (University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene) (Algiers, Algeria)

Boualem Benseba
Unisity of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algiers. (Algiers, Algeria)
Title of the talk:  Galois groups of trinomials

Bunkova Elena
Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Universal Formal Group for Elliptic Genus of Level N

Bykovskii Victor
Institute of Applied Mathematics Khabarovsk Division (Khabarovsk, RUS)
Title of the talk:  Spectral decompositions of averages over integer points on hyperboloids and their applications

Cheung Yitwah
Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
Title of the talk:  TBD

Chevallier Nicolas
Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse, France)

Darbar Pranendu
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Chennai, India)
Title of the talk:  Correlation of Multiplicative function

Deutsch Jesse
SRM University - AP (Vijayawada, India)

Dickinson Detta
Maynooth University (Maynooth, Ireland)

Dobrovolskiy Nikolay
Tula State pedagogical university (Tula, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Algebra of Dirichlet series of the monoid of natural numbers

Einsiedler Manfred
ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

Faustin Adiceam
The University of Manchester (Manchester, UK)
Title of the talk:  TBA

Fregoli Reynold
Royal Holloway (University of London) (Egham, UK)
Title of the talk:  Sums of reciprocals of fractional parts

Fukshansky Lenny
Claremont McKenna College (Claremont, USA)
Title of the talk:  Bounds on linear forms and integer sparse recovery

German Oleg
Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Transference phenomenon in the weighted setting

Goy Taras
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Title of the talk:  New formulas for Vieta–Jacobsthal and Vieta–Jacobsthal–Lucas polynomials

Illarionov Andrei
IAM FEB RAS (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Title of the talk:  TBA

Kalmynin Alexander Borisovich
PNU (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Positivity of character sums

Karpenkov Oleg
University of Liverpool (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Title of the talk:  TBA

Kleinbock Dmitry
Brandeis University (Waltham, USA)
Title of the talk:  Geometric and dynamical variations on Dirichlet's Theorem in Diophantine approximation

Komatsu Takao
School of Science, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Hangzhou, China)
Title of the talk:  Generalized continued fractions of Bernoulli and related numbers, and their applications

Kthiri Hassen
university of sfax-Tunisia (Sfax, Tunisia)
Title of the talk:  Characterization of 2-Pisot numbers in $q=2^m$ characteristic

Larcher Gerhard
University Linz (Linz, Austria)
Title of the talk:  On pair correlation of sequences

Markova Natalia
Institute of Applied Mathematics Khabarovsk Division (Khabarovsk, Russia)

Marnat Antoine
TU Graz (Graz, Austria)
Title of the talk:  TBA

Monina Mariia
Pacific National University (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Asymptotic formula for the convolution function of the number of representations of natural numbers by the sum of two squares

Moshchevitin Nikolay
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Irrationality measure functions

Musin Oleg R
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville, USA)
Title of the talk:  Highest Abundant numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis

Neckrasov Vasiliy
MSU, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (Moscow, Russia)

Nesterenko Yuri
Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  On the algebraic independence of values of certain G-functions

Panda Gopal Krishna
Natioanal Institute of technology Rourkela (Rourkela, India)
Title of the talk:  Triangular numbers which are triangular

Pappalardi Francesco
Università Roma TRE (Rome, Italy)

Patel Bijan Kumar
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal, India (Bhopal, India)
Title of the talk:  On the Exponential Diophantine Equation $F_{n+1}^{x} - F_{n-1}^{x} = F_{m}$

Ramirez Felipe Alberto
Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut, USA)

Saad Eddin Sumaia
Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria)
Title of the talk:  TBA

Schleischitz Johannes
Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus (Kalkanli, Northern Cyprus (Turkey))
Title of the talk:  Diophantine approximation in Cantor sets

Sedunova Alisa
MPIM Bonn (Bonn, Germany)
Title of the talk:  Intersections of binary quadratic forms in primes and the paucity phenomenon

Shiokawa Iekata
Department of Mathematics, Keio University (Yokohama, Japan)
Title of the talk:  Irrationality exponents of certain alternating series

Shkredov Ilya
Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow, Russia)
Title of the talk:  Actions SL_2 and modular hyperbolas

Summerer Leonhard
University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Title of the talk:  The successive minima functions associated to simultaneous approximation of m linearly dependent reals

Szalay Laszlo
University of Sopron (Sopron, Hungary)
Title of the talk:  Ñertain exponential diophantine equations

Talamanca Valerio
Universita' Roma Tre (Rome, Italy)
Title of the talk:  Height pairing on split tori

Tichy Robert
TU Graz (Graz, Austria)
Title of the talk:  Equidistribution, van der Corput sets and exponential sums

Ustinov Alexey
Pacific National University, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Title of the talk:  The distribution of the rational points on the unit circle

Van-Son Matty
University of Liverpool (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Title of the talk:  Geometrisation Markov numbers.

Weiss Barak
Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Title of the talk:  Normal numbers in fractals

Zafeiropoulos Agamemnon
TU Graz (Graz, Austria)